The Global
Carbon Standard (GCS)

The world’s first standard and methodology for Carbon Debits is a great achievement in the fight against climate change. 100% transparency through tracking and reporting of carbon emissions is crucial in addressing climate change. Being a Carbon Debit, the GCS only approves verified proof of absorbed carbon, not merely a promise of future absorption. 

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The GCS is the only standard and methodology for Carbon Debits

Developed for this reason:
We recognized the necessity for a novel approach to encourage and monitor carbon absorption, one that would not be hindered by the deficiencies of the former Carbon Credit system. Thus, we developed the GCS, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure complete transparency, precision, and responsibility creating Carbon Debits. Global Carbon Standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GCS serves two crucial purposes. Firstly, it addresses flaws in the traditional Carbon Credits system, and secondly, it establishes a transparent and immutable record of Carbon sequestration. By proving that sequestration has occurred, rather than relying solely on promises of future compliance, the GCS ensures accurate accounting. This achieves two objectives: providing a mechanism for accountability and a successful approach for Carbon tracking and reduction.
The GCS is a valuable and efficient tool for Carbon Capture/Sequestration due to its scalability, transparency, promotion of food security, and support of environmental remediation. By incorporating multiple areas affected by carbon emissions into a single standard, we establish a unified network for creating positive change.
Carbon Credit is a promise to absorb carbon later, with little to no oversight, which typically leads to ‘phantom credits’ in other words, the CO2 is never accounted for or offset. A carbon debit is CO2 that has already been absorbed by the trees.


The carbon debit token can be generated by reforestation or afforestation projects. The CO2 offset will be calculated using annual absorption calculation that has been certified under GCS standard. These calculations are based on a combination of factors such as the number of trees planted, their growth rate, and the type of trees planted. The calculations also take into account various other factors that affect the carbon sequestration capacity of the project, such as the soil type, the climate, the management practices, and the baseline scenario. And as these are debits and not credits it is ONLY generated after confirmation of sequestration, not before.
All the GCS projects are audited by our ecologists, using our UNFCCC- and Earthood-approved methodology and standard.
The GCS project lasts for 20 years from the registration date (but trees need to be there atleast 25 years). Project owners earn Carbon Debits, these can financially benefit them and are instrumental in combating climate change.
After 20 years the trees and CO2 are given back to nature. This means the trees remain, however projects can no longer get the carbon debits.